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Growing up, I learned my bike was the best way to get around the neighborhood and stories were the best way to get around the world. All that traveling was more fun when shared with a friend or a journal, which is very much like a friend.

Today, I live in central Iowa with my best friend and husband James, our four children (Andrew, Anna, Jacob, and Joshua) and a big-eared and big-hearted dog named Mickey. We all love to read and bike together, but not at the same time.

No two days are the same, but every day is full of beauty to see and people to love. Inspiration waits around every bend, from the waking laughter of a child to the silent frost on the branches outside. But when my patience wears thin, with the kids or the frost, I run to the Iowa chapter of SCBWI, the Des Moines Area Writers Group (DAWG), or a close-knit group of writer friends who meet monthly for cookies -- and critique.

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